Terms & Conditions

I agree and/or understand that:

1. The payment plan as set out on the website
2. I join the payment plan out of my own free will
3. All payments are non-refundable
4. I will not qualify or be liable to receive any payments/income before I have not registered 3 persons under my member
5. Recruiting always forms an integrate part of any network plan and is encouraged
6. I am responsible to (a) enter the correct details when registering and (b) keep all my personal details updated on the back-office
7. All income due to incorrect information including bitcoin wallets will be forfeited
8. Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed and the wallet address as entered in the back-office at the time of payment will receive the amount and no correspondence will be entered into if any incorrect wallet address was used
9. All my positions must use the same e-mail address in order for the system to combine these
10. I must use an active e-mail account when registering
11. One of more future migration plans will request me for verification of my Id and address and it will be my responsibility to supply the necessary when requested to do so
12. I will pay the bitcoin transaction costs on any payment made to me