The BitPool Plan

BitPOOL will consist of two parts

1. The Affiliate Matrix Plan and the
2. Migration Plan

BitPOOL itself will have 3 platforms, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.


This is the entry level platform. All members will register into this platform. The cost is a once-off $20. It is then expected from members to refer a minimum of 3 other members using their Member ID given at registration. If a member has more than 3, then they will place those members under the codes of members in the down line who do not yet have their 3 linked to them.

As the team grows, there will be commissions earned. These will consist out of:

a. Level commissions and
b. Pay It Up Commissions.
c. A portion of the Commission placed in the members REGISTRATION POOL. The money in this pool can only be used for registration into other platforms.

Each member’s goal must be to have a full 3 x 6 filled matrix within 30 days. Within 2 to 3 weeks the top BitPOOL position will purchase another position at the bottom of the matrix. The system will now:

1. Automatically look at the 2nd level
2. Take $ 20 from the members Registration Pool
3. Register a new position for the member under their Up Line who just purchased a new position at the bottom
4. Now system will do the same with the next level all the way down through the matrix.

This process of creating a new matrix at the bottom with members own earned money, will be very fast as there are no payments to be made by members.

This automated plan will be known as the Cycle Payment Plan

With every cycle money is placed in the members REGISTRATION POOL and can be seen on the Dashboard in the members back office.


These two BitPOOL platforms operate exactly as the BitPOOL Bronze, but members cannot register directly into these two platforms. The SILVER and GOLD platforms will become 2 of the MIGRATION Platforms where teams will migrate to following their Up Line.


Member’s very first position will cease to exist after all Level commissions and Pay It Up has been received from the members in their matrix but bear in mind that new positions were automatically being created as described above.

The total pay-out from a full matrix of 1092 member, is in the region of $20 000.


$20 comes into the system per registration.
See the Level Commission totals $ 17.
This means that 85% of the revenue coming in goes back to members.
This shows the intention of the developers to help members make as much as possible so that they can be taken to other successful and established business opportunities.


With every $ 260 coming in to the member as commissions, $90 will be taken and given to the 6 direct Up Liners. At the same time this will happen with the members in the down line. All this money will be accumulated through the week and be paid to the members Blockchain accounts every Friday.

The money in the members Registration Pool belongs to the member, but they cannot be touch it or use for anything. The automated systems will take money from the Registration Pool and do the automated registrations.

1. For positions in the Payment Cycle Plan and also
2. For positions following the Up Line into new platforms and opportunities.

Management will monitor all situations regarding growth and decide when the time will be right to migrate the matrix to the next Opportunity Platform.

As the members migrate to other platforms, the Payment Cycle Plan will continue automatically. Many new members will join BitPOOL Bronze as BitPOOL Bronze is the only point to start from.