About Us

After 33 years of networking experience in more than 65 mlm’s internationally, as well as having gone through a very traumatic experience of being hacked and losing a complete database as well as millions of dollars, Stefan Pienaar stood up and set an example of what can be achieved if it is understood that you can only fail if you stay down. Stefan, a humanitarian by nature, founded a cryptocurrency donation program and named it BitPOOL and also successfully founded and designed the first cryptocurrency rewards program in the world to be named Bit4All. Bit4All is not a mlm and it is already said that Bit4All can, in 2 to 3 years after launch, have the same number of members as for example Face Book as it will be free to join and based on getting bitcoin rewards when people do shopping. Now to complete the family of 3, Stefan is adding BitTRAVEL in which all members of BitPOOL will be privileged to travel as often they want to any destination at no cost. Then BitPOOL members will also be channelled into external platform from where they can rent and then to purchase cars and houses in any country. But all starts in becoming a member of BitPOOL using the special plan of BitPOOL to insure success and total financial freedom.

BitPOOL has now leaders internationally and Stefan is very thankful and privileged to have as international coordinator Mr Patrick Couchman from Canada as well as senior executive member Mr Blaise Ukah from Nigeria. Supporting them is the executive leadership team consisting of 13 international leaders and privileged to have the designer, webmaster and scriptwriter Mr David Samuels from Canada as member of the executive Leadership Team.

BitPOOL is being built on the principle of care. We have adopted the word L.I.K.E. In all we do we wish to portray LOVE, INTEGRITY, KINDNESS and EMPATHY. We want people to care enough about people and then make a once off donation.

BitPOOL has changed the total approach to network marketing. No more needing hundreds of people as directs to achieve success. The maximum directs members will have is 10. Then in week one those members will be trained and prepared to go to the next phase in week two.

Training plays a very integral part of the BitPOOL philosophy. Professional training packages have been developed and designed and are passed from leader to member. Then that member becomes a leader and passes it forward.

It has never been seen before that so much commissions can be earned from a once off donation of $25 from pocket. Moving to other platforms members will be moved automatically and the new donations for the new positions taken automatically from the member’s income. So, members will sail seamlessly into higher income earning platforms with members following them automatically. Commission pay-outs are on every Friday.

All in and around BitPOOL are amazed to see how top world class networkers, professional businessmen and loved and admired Pastors such as Pastor Perlie Smith from the United States with more than one million people she leads in worship in different countries join the BitPOOL family. BitPOOL is blessed to have the quality of people with the high degree of desire to change the lives of millions of people around the world.

We wish all who join the BitPOOL family to have an enjoyable experience and once and for all be in a partially network marketing business that guarantees success should the simple and easy to follow guidelines be adhered to.

BitPOOL Management